Updated: Nov 8, 2021

I will participate in the art fair "Kyushu New Art". It is one of the largest art fairs in Kyushu, where paintings, sculptures and installations by 54 artists related to Kyushu are gathered together. I will announce a new series of "SHA-KO-SEKI" that I have been working on in recent years. Please drop in when you go out near you.

『Kyushu New Art』

・ September 16th (Thursday) -20th (Monday) ・ 10:00 - 20:00 * The last day ends at 17:00 ・ Venue: Hakata Hankyu 8th floor event space We will exhibit and sell the works of 54 contemporary art artists who are from Kyushu and are active as bases. ・ Click here for details → https://www.instagram.com/kyushunewart/?hl=ja