Notice of exhibiting at Art Book Fair

I will participate in the first large art book fair held in Fukuoka. With the Fukuoka Art Museum as the main venue, shops and cafes in the city will be satellite venues, and it will be an exhibition that will take you around the city. Please drop in when you go out to your neighborhood. Kazutaka Shioi


A "distributed migratory" art book exhibition will be held in the city of Fukuoka for four days from November 20th (Sat) to November 23rd (Tuesday / holiday). Starting from the 2nd floor outer garden <Esplanade> of the Fukuoka Art Museum, which is the main venue, we will walk to the satellite venues A to E set up in the city, and to the YOUTH BOOTH venue, in the exhibition space edited for each venue. You can view and purchase art books. NEWGRAPHY Fukuoka Art Book Expo2021

Period: November 20th (Sat) to 23rd (Tuesday), 2021 Location: All 7 venues Admission: Free [Main venue] ・ Fukuoka Art Museum Esplanade  Time: 9: 30-17: 00 (until 16:00 on the 23rd) [Satellite venue] ・ Site A: High tide store @hightide_store  Time:11:00〜17:00(23日は15:00まで) ・B site: Tsukishiro @tsukishiro.ametsuchi  Time:12:00〜17:00(23日は15:00まで) ・C site: Linde Cartonage @linde_cartonnage  Time:11:00〜17:00(23日は15:00まで) ・D site: POS coffee @posscoffee  Time:11:00〜17:00(23日は15:00まで) ・E-site: Aohatabooks @aohatabooks  Time:12:00〜17:00(23日は15:00まで) 【YOUTH BOOTH】 ・Kimi-no-sukina-hana @kiminosukinahana  Time:11:00〜19:00(23日は16:00まで) Exhibitor lineups and event details are available on the official Instagram!