Notice of Solo Show

From 1/7 (Friday), a solo exhibition will be held at "Natsume Bookstore" in Saitozaki, Fukuoka City. We invited guest artist Kenta Kobato, a poet living in Kansai, to create a poetry collection "Memory of Light" with the cooperation of Natsume Bookstore. Please drop in when you go out near you. During this exhibition, some of the works will also be available for purchase at the online shop. The session may change due to infectious diseases. For details, please check the official Instagram of Natsume Bookstore.


Kazutaka Shioi Solo Show "Memory of SHA-KO-SEKI and Memory of light" Location: Natsume Bookstore @natumebooks Address: 1-6-21 Saitozaki, Fukuoka City Date: 2022 1/7 (Fri) -1 / 23 (Sun) Hours: 12: 00-19: 00 | Friday, Saturday and Sunday ・ There is a parking lot. If you come by car, please ask the staff. ・ The site next to the store is privately owned by another person. Please refrain from parking.


Guest Artist Kenta Kobato poets. Born in 1974, lives in Kansai.

Started activities mainly in Kansai in 2010. Emphasis is placed on reading as well as writing expressions. I hope to "write like a picture and read aloud like spinning a sound." @kentakobato