The work was dedicated to Munakata-taisha Shrine.

In commemoration of the completion of the Munakata Taisha Shrine Prayer Hall, my work was dedicated by Mizoe Construction Corporation, which designed and constructed the building. The dedication ceremony was held during the spring festival to pray for a bountiful harvest.

I am very happy that my work, which has consistently been developed under the theme of "dialogue with nature," was dedicated to Munakata Taisha Shrine, one of the oldest shrines in Japan. The work is installed at the entrance of the prayer hall. Please visit us when you are in the neighborhood.

Dedication: Mizoe Construction Co. Cooperation: Mizoe Art Gallery Co.


About Munakata Taisha Shrine

Munakata Taisha is one of the oldest shrines in Japan, with its history recorded in the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters) and Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan). The three deities, Amaterasu Omikami, are worshipped at Okitsumiya, Nakatsumiya, and Henzumiya, and these three shrines are collectively called Munakata Taisha. Okinoshima Island, where Okitsumiya Shrine is located, was listed in 2017 as one of the components of UNESCO's World Heritage Site 《"神宿る島" Munakata / Okinoshima Island and Related Properties》.

2331 Tajima, Munakata City, Fukuoka 811-3505



Artwork Information

Name of work:

SHA-KO-SEKI Specimen / SKSS-001


inkjet print on Japanese paper, stone, urethane, wood, light (33.83054,130.51395, 18/09/2017)



Year of creation:



Munakata Taisha Shrine, Prayer Hall / Entrance